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Wish I'd said that - April 17, 2019

“There are, in the last resort, no economic ends. The economic efforts of the individuals as well as the services which the market order renders to them, consist in an allocation of means for the competing ultimate purposes which are always non-economic. The task of all economic activity is to reconcile the competing ends by deciding for which of them the limited means are to be used.”

Friedrick Hayek, Law, legislation and Liberty, Vol. 2: The Mirage of Social Justice

Yes New York Times, there is a Netanyahu

In my latest Loonie Politics column I critique the New York Times and similar outlets for saying Benjamin Netanyahu couldn’t win the Israeli election, then that he wasn’t winning, and then that he only won because Israeli voters are horribly right wing, and instead tell their readers why Netanyahu, Trump and others appeal to so many people who don’t read the New York Times.