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Yes New York Times, there is a Netanyahu

In my latest Loonie Politics column I critique the New York Times and similar outlets for saying Benjamin Netanyahu couldn’t win the Israeli election, then that he wasn’t winning, and then that he only won because Israeli voters are horribly right wing, and instead tell their readers why Netanyahu, Trump and others appeal to so many people who don’t read the New York Times.

"Israel for Canadians" - unfortunate news

The "Israel for Canadians" documentary fundraising campaign on Kickstarter just concluded and, I'm sorry to say, fell well short of its target. So it won't get made. At least not this year and perhaps not exactly as described.

I'm very grateful to everyone who did back it. (Kickstarter being an "all or nothing" platform those who pledged through it won't get charged; you don't need to do anything. And I'll be in touch with those who contributed through other channels about refunds.) I'm also grateful to all those who worked to help publicize it, through social media and otherwise.

Over the next few months I'll be giving some thought to why the funding effort failed, from flaws in the fundraising campaign to defects in documentary design and presentation. I'm convinced the cause is important so I'm not by any means giving up on it. But I apologize to those whose hopes were raised by a project I wasn't able to make happen, at least this time.

Again, thanks very much to everyone who did back and help promote it. 

Past the 10% mark

Thanks to everyone who has pushed the "Israel for Canadians" funding campaign past the 10% mark. But there's still a steep hill to climb and less than 4 weeks to climb it. So if you want to help set the record straight on the dynamic, open, peace-loving Jewish homeland, the only democracy in the Middle East, and you haven't yet backed the project, please make a pledge today and share it on social media and elsewhere.

If you are a backer, thanks for the contribution and please keep helping spread the word so we can get to 25%, 50%, 75% and then by the April 2 deadline to 100% and maybe beyond.

As always there's a stretch goal; if we get significantly past our basic target I will also make an "Israel for North Americans" version and perhaps one for Australians and others. But first things first.

Let's get it funded.