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A vain and vacant budget

In my latest National Post column I say the emptiness of "a plan that puts people first" puts conceit first... and puts us all at risk.

If you're concerned about the direction government budgets are headed in this country at the federal, provincial and even municipal level, and you're in the Calgary area, please join us Friday and Saturday for the EEA's 5th annual Freedom School Conference, on "Stemming the Tide of Red Ink." You can see the list of speakers, get details and register here.

If you're worried about government debt...

Yesterday Danielle Smith interviewed me on her 770 CHQR radio show about the upcoming EEA conference in Calgary "Stemming the Tide of Red Ink" (March 2-3). We've got a great lineup of speakers from business, government and academia to talk about what's wrong federally, provincially and at the often-neglected municipal level and, crucially, about what we can do to fix it and we hope to see you there.

Tapped in Ottawa

If you're in Ottawa on Tuesday Nov. 21, I'll be speaking at a "Tories on Tap" event on taxation that evening. It's organized by the Ottawa Centre Conservatives and you can register here though as always I'm not appearing in a partisan capacity.

For the record, I'm a Whig. But I'll speak to anyone looking for good ideas in public policy.