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Wish I'd said that - April 25, 2019

“Researchers have identified ‘structural’ historical concepts that provide the basis of historical thinking. The Benchmarks project is using this approach, with six distinct but closely interrelated historical thinking concepts. Students should be able to:

* establish historical significance

* use primary source evidence

* identify continuity and change

* analyze cause and consequence

* take historical perspectives

* understand the moral dimension of historical interpretations…

Taken together, these tie ‘historical thinking’ to competencies in ‘historical literacy.’”

Excerpted from “Benchmarks of Historical Thinking: Framework for Assessment in Canada, by Peter Seixas, Executive Director of the Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness” in The Beaver April-May 2009

Wish I'd said that - March 31, 2019

“Belief is favourable to the human mind, were it for nothing else but to furnish it entertainment. An infidel I should think, must frequently suffer from ennui. It was perhaps affectation in Socrates to say, that all he had learned to know was that he knew nothing. But surely it is a mark of wisdom, to be sensible of the limited extent of human knowledge, and to examine with reverence the ways of GOD, nor presumptuously reject any opinion which has been held by the judicious and the learned, because it has been made a cloak for artifice, or had a variety of fictions raised on it, by credulity.”

James Boswell, Esq. The Journal of a Tour To Corsica; & Memoirs of Pascal Paoli