Wish I'd said that - July 30, 2017

"people who think of the All, and only of the All, have, as far as I have seen, a tendency to become like the worshippers of a tadpole. They are worshipping something heartless, brainless, bodyless, something that is everything and nothing, something that has not the power of giving anyone that shock of reality which we can get from a woman’s face or a sting of pain. They do not love their god as monks love Christ; they do not fear him as savages fear Mumbo-Jumbo. And out of them comes that horrible universalism, that freezing and theoretic philanthropy which is the worst of the modern evils."

G.K. Chesterton in Daily News March 24, 1904, quoted in Gilbert! magazine Vol. 7 #5 (March 2004)