Wish I'd said that - August 20, 2017

 "I know a man who has such a passion for proving that he will have no personal existence after death that he falls back on the position that he has no personal existence now. He invokes Buddhism and says that all souls fade into each other; in order to prove that he cannot go to heaven he proves that he cannot go to Hartlepool."

G.K. Chesterton Orthodoxy p. 344.

Wish I'd said that - August 17, 2017

"to even begin to understand an era, we must visit it on its own terms, and project ourselves into its foreign mind. This is almost impossible to do, which is what makes it such fun. In a sense it means coming home, and finding your home made strange, for the people in the past didn’t think of themselves as living there. Like us, they thought they were living in the present. And then returning to our present, if we have learned anything, we begin to see it as another past."

David Warren in Western Standard December 20, 2004