And then Netanyahu won

Well this is odd. I was reading all these stories about "Israel Elections: Meet Isaac Herzog, Who Could Defeat Netanyahu" and "Israeli Elections: How the Left Could Win". And then this morning I read "Israel election: Netanyahu's Likud storms to victory". Say, could the legacy media have been reporting their desires as the news before it even happened? Arguably so, given that Britain's Guardian headlined a story about the actual outcome "Israel election: Bibi the magician pulls off a victory – but at what cost?" All the opinion that's fit to print, I guess.


I notice that the top headline in today's Globe and Mail was "With Netanyahu, Herzog tied, the coalition building begins". In fact Likud won 30 seats, the Zionist Union 24. Some tie. The story has of course now been updated to explain that "Scrapping like a street fighter, the veteran Mr. Netanyahu used every trick in the book to overcome a four-seat deficit in public opinion surveys published just last Friday. His gentlemanly opponent, Mr. Herzog, waging his first campaign as party leader, didn’t stand a chance."

Thanks for clarifying that last point. From what you said earlier I... oh, never mind.