Ask the Professor: A fun, new feature for subscribers

We are going to be launching a new feature on this website soon entitled “Ask the Professor”.  Subscribers will have the opportunity to ask me any question they like (on politics, history, culture, pretty much anything except why the Leafs can’t win), and we will pick the best ones to answer via video that we’ll post on the website. Brigitte will be reading your questions to me and she might even sometimes argue with me and, as fans of our old “Thinking Aloud” show know very well, teach me a thing or two. This is intended to be fun and informative, and certainly not ponderous.

If you're already a subscriber, please check your inbox. You should already have received a note with the email address where to send your questions. If you're a supporter of, you will get a note soon with that information. If you would like to join in the fun, become a subscriber by visiting Patreon (pledges start at $1/month - please note that Patreon pledges are in US dollars), or PayPal (using the button below), and we'll send you the information you need to email your questions.


Ask the ProfessorJohn Robson