Happy Trails, Steve

151116_MadelySaysGoodbyeToday an Ottawa icon, Steve Madely of News Talk Radio 580 CFRA, announced his retirement after 50 years in broadcasting and 35 with CFRA including over 20 as a superb, model talk show host. I have had the privilege of being a guest on his show once a week for many years and was witness to his extraordinary professionalism, his combination of determined preparation and outstanding journalistic instincts. But Steve was much more than just a great journalist. He was a tireless advocate for worthy causes, a true friend to those in need, and a compelling voice of sanity and decency.

He will be much missed in Ottawa and on CFRA. But he has given great service to his listeners and his community over the years and is fully entitled to smell the roses, stop getting up at 3:30 a.m., enjoy his wonderful family and follow the prow of his boat wherever his fancy inspires him to point it.

Let us remember his example and try to live by it.

Congratulations, Steve, and happy trails.

CFRA, MediaJohn Robson