It happened today - October 10, 2015

Charles Martel VersaillesAnd while I’m on the subject, today, Oct. 10, is the anniversary of Charles Martel stopping the Muslim invasion of Europe at Tours in 732. Would it be impolite to ask what they were doing there in the first place?

Before I continue, you might pull out an atlas… just kidding. I mean you might do an online search and note how close Tours is to Paris and London and how far from the Arabian peninsula where Islam had arisen barely a century earlier. So what great offense had the Franks and that crowd committed to justify this whirlwind assault?

Yeah. I don’t know either. Unless failure to adopt Islam the moment you’re told about it constitutes aggression.

Anyway, Martel did win, and the Muslims were pushed out of France and, within seven centuries or so, Spain as well, and halted at the gates of Vienna in the 16th and again in the 17th centuries. For which a surprising number of Muslims have never forgiven us. I’m still not quite sure what they think we did wrong, though.