It happened today - October 14, 2015

World Disarmament Conference, 1933 Here’s a lesson we can learn again. And again. And again. Or perhaps I should say sit through again and again while learning nothing. On October 14, 1933, Germany announced its withdrawal from the World Disarmament Conference in Geneva and the League of Nations, effective Oct. 23. The droning went on in both bodies until, of all things, Germany attacked the world. And it accomplished… nothing.

Not nothing. It convinced democratic politicians and voters that something important was being done about guns, and of course it is guns that do the killing. And so they ignored the real problem which was evil people who wanted to kill.

Disarmament is pointless with people who do not wish to attack us and worse than useless among those who do. Any questions?

Yes, sir. When will this class be held again? We’re having trouble grasping the point here somehow.

Oh don’t worry. I think they just held a recap in Teheran. And the exam may come sooner than you expect.