The show goes off... and on

After 17 years CFRA has recast its morning show and regrettably I am no longer part of the lineup. It’s been great fun and I’m grateful to the station and to everyone who has listened in to my commentary, analysis and Top Five Strange Stories of the Week. But the Top Five will live on, as podcasts on this website. And if you’d like to help me keep it going, and provide commentary on the week’s news, please make a monthly contribution of a couple of bucks, basically the proverbial cup of coffee, via the Patreon button to your right. (Please note that Patreon contributions are in U.S. dollars.) I promise I won’t spend it on coffee. Among my many eccentricities, I don’t drink it. But I do drink in the news, and spew commentary. In fact I’m going to keep the Top 5 going, and podcast my views of the news, for the next month or so. And if I get an extra $400 a month pledged in that time, I’ll keep them going indefinitely.

I’m sorry the CFRA morning gig has ended. But I don’t want the Top 5 to end, or our weekly morning sessions together gaping, griping and grinning at the mishaps, misdeeds, mangled rhetoric and mistaken ideas on parade in the news. So please help me keep it going.

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