Wish I'd said that - November 27, 2016

“1. The whole management and direction of human life depends upon the question whether or not there is a God and a future state of human existence. If there is a God, but no future state, God is nothing to us. If there is a future state, but no God, we can form no rational guess about the future state. 2. If there is no God and no future state, reasonable men will regulate their conduct either by inclination or by common utilitarianism. 3. If there is a God and a future state, rational men will regulate their conduct by a wider kind of utilitarianism. 4. By whatever rule they regulate their conduct, no room is left for any rational enthusiasm for the order of ideas hinted at by the phrase ‘Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity’…” James Fitzjames Stephen in Liberty Equality Fraternity

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