Carbon taxes - what's at stake

Just how high are carbon taxes going to go in Canada? Fasten your seatbelt... in a car you can't put gas into. The federal Liberals are only talking soothingly about carbon taxes of $10/tonne, rising to $50 by 2022. But now the National Post reveals that in fact they know their targets would require $100/tonne within 3 years, and $300 by 2050. Meaning the virtual end of heating your home, cooking your food or getting around with any technology we actually have. It shouldn't really come as a surprise. Both the BC and Ontario governments are entirely open about their plans to reduce CO2 and equivalent emissions by nearly 80% by 2050. Which doesn't just spell doom for oil and gas producers. It means you, your kids and your grandkids will be ordered by government to use 80% less oil, gas and natural gas, necessarily requiring prohibitive taxes, strict regulations or probably both, and leading to a desperately impoverished lifestyle.

Now let me be clear here. If the "man-made global warming" or more recently "man-made climate change" crisis is as bad as the alarmists say, no price is too high to stop it. Not that their plans would, but that's another story. The point here is that you cannot concede the extremists' science then try to fight the carbon tax on the basis of jobs lost. If you agree that we are destroying the planet with CO2, you must agree to drastic measures to change our behaviour. You cannot, as conservatives too often do in this country and elsewhere, try to rally the troops round the white flag. To surrender on principle then fight on implementation makes you look like greedy fools, willing to incinerate the planet for short-term gain. Not a good PR strategy.

That's why The Environment: A True Story is so urgently needed. If I believed the alarmists' claims, I would be urging an end to fossil fuel use and what's more I would refuse to use the stuff myself. But the science is appallingly full of holes. And if we don't want to succumb to bad policy driven by bad science and wrapped in deceptive PR, we need to set the record straight.

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