Dred Free

My latest from The Rebel: On May 26, 1857, Dred Scott got his freedom. Yes, the plaintiff in the all time worst piece of judicial activism, Dred Scott v Sandford, was actually freed shortly after the Supreme Court essentially ruled that there were no free states in the U.S., precipitating the Civil War. And it happened because where law failed, some human hearts succeeded, with some former owners funding his court challenge and another, after he lost, making sure he was freed. It’s a humbling reminder that we can always do the right thing in our own time even if the world is wrong or indifferent.


You can find the audio-only version here: [podcast title="Robson Rebel, May 26"]http://www.thejohnrobson.com/podcast/John2016/May/160526RobsonRebel.mp3[/podcast]