In defence of Sun News

Yes, there was news on Sun News Network. My colleague David Akin offers a spirited defence of the network in Maclean's, pointing out that for all the mockery of our station, his Battleground show in particular often gave more detailed attention to politics and election campaigns than our rivals, including in-depth election night coverage. He's right, and I'd just like to add that, as part of that coverage especially on David's show, the network sent me to just about every province holding an election between 2011 and 2014 to film historical vignettes and other backgrounders to provide context for the current partisan clashes.

You can see a number of those on YouTube and I think it's fair to say "packs" like this one on the rhythm of BC politics offer a depth of background on politics you rarely find on the other stations. Sure, we had our failings. But when we say we were doing something different, David brings up one more important way it was true.

Of course sometimes we were snide. At least, I certainly was. But if you watch, say, my comments on Tim Hudak during the last Ontario election, would you say now I was off-target or too harsh?