Let's fix our Constitution

JohnRobsonProjectImage Seriously. That’s our next documentary project and it’s under way now.

Canada is a great nation founded on liberty under law. But our system of parliamentary self-government was already under considerable strain in 1982 when a group of sorcerers’ apprentices tried to fix the wrong things and bungled it. And the worst thing they did was shut the people out, not just in 1982 but ever since.

By now our Constitution is a mess. And yes, we can do better. Much better.

We’re delighted to be partnering on the fundraising for this project with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. You can get more information at fixtheconstitution.ca. But the core of the project is to explain what was right about our Constitution from the beginning, what was going wrong by 1982, how the “repatriation” made everything far worse and how we can go forward.

It’s not just a documentary. It’s a manifesto, with a plan for undoing the harm from 1982, correcting defects even in the original British North America Act, securing property rights, free speech and genuine self-government, and grounding it all in popular consent. It will include a draft revised Constitution that preserves what is right, straightens what is bent and discards what is wrong.

It’s part of our larger project of reclaiming Canada’s heritage. And as always, we need your support. We’re very grateful to everyone who’s backed our previous documentaries. And if you’re willing to help come to grips with defects in our fundamental law, reduce the gap between government and the governed, and get back to the basics that made Canada great, we’re asking you to back it again.

Why now? Because you fix the roof while the sun is shining. Why the Constitution? Because fundamentals matter. Why us? Because doing it yourself is the Canadian way.

It’s time to fix the Constitution. We can and we should. Let’s do it.