My list of 100 books everyone should read

Reader Shawn Abigail asked me if I could run a list of books "every young person should read before they consider themselves informed enough to vote." Great idea, and I'll double it. In a few days I will have a list of 20 books for aspiring voters (and politicians) in Canada, but first here is a list of 100 books everyone should read, which I first published in 1999. I consider it just as relevant today. You can download the PDF here. It is free to download and share. However, if you think it worthwhile, please consider making a donation. I suggest $0.50, but you can enter any amount you wish by using the PayPal button below. I intend to publish longer documents and e-books from time to time, and folks who already support my website via monthly subscriptions get all those for free, and earlier than they are posted here on this website. See the subscription options on the right.

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Update: Sponsor Bill McCutcheon very helpfully compiled a list of free electronic sources for these books and offered to share his list with you. You can see it here (Microsoft Excel format). Thanks, Bill!