Not one word

Today's Globe and Mail reports that Ontario's deficit this year is now projected to be $18.5 billion, 24 per cent higher than we were told last week, because of this stupid idea of governments going into the auto business by buying a failed company on our behalf. The Globe adds that "Ontario was already bracing for a record deficit of $14.1-billion for this year - a figure Premier Dalton McGuinty stood by as recently as last Wednesday, the day the provincial budget was passed." Now Mr. McGuinty must have known on Wednesday that his finance minister was about to hurl billions into the Government Motors black hole. So it seems that he must have known the number he was defending was a lie. If, that is, you still think these people know the difference between "what is true" and "what makes me sound good."

If that is what you think, I would be intrigued to hear your evidence.