Swinging polygamy

Another liberated woman weighs in... in favour of polygamy. Kate Hartfield in today's Ottawa Citizen takes a very dim view of the mores and habits of the people in Bountiful, B.C. and suggests that they might be in violation of a variety of sections of the Criminal Code, but ridicules the law against polygamy as

rooted in the notion that certain kinds of sexual behaviour should be against the law -- even between consenting adults. That's exactly the ideology that Canada divested itself of 40 years ago.

She explains that the current law seems also to forbid a ménage à trois or having a mistress and adds "No one is arguing (for the moment anyway) that the state should recognize polygamous relationships as ‘marriages’ or accord them any rights under the law."

But what happens when they do start arguing it? For as J. Budziszewski warns, people are that logical... slowly.