We did it!

Our Kickstarter campaign has reached its goal. And I do mean “we” and “our”. Like our Magna Carta documentary, our project on the Canadian right to bear arms is about the people. It is for the people. And it is made possible by the people. It is you, who responded to our appeal for support, who let us create this next installment in our “Reclaiming Canada’s Heritage” project.

If you have been thinking of backing the documentary and haven’t yet, we welcome further contributions. Even a few dollars gets you listed in the credits, unless you don’t want to be (if so, please tell us). It’s important to show how much active support there is for our traditional rights and how much understanding that Canada’s story is of proudly independent, competent people, in the past and today.

Also, as we said in our initial promotional video, if we exceed our target significantly we can make a longer film with more travel to do more on-location narration and interviews. But regardless, we have now funded it and it will get made.

We did it. And I do mean we. Thanks very much to everyone who backed it and made themselves part of that “we”.

HistoryJohn Robson