What's in a party name?

It may be the silly season in politics. But how much attention can adults reasonably give to the possibility that the NDP might consider a name change because they're not new any more? Lots, apparently, if they're pundits. My favourite thus far is the Globe and Mail's lead editorial (no, really) on August 5, which concludes sonorously that "The CCF-NDP has earned a place in Canadian politics, but would do better with a name that suggests a good balance between pragmatism and principle." Yeah, they could be the Pragmatic Principled Party or "Flexies". Incidentally one point universally missed by the press, which is weird since it's purely a press concern, is that the reason there is no nickname for the NDP is that "NDP" fits into a one-column headline (unlike "Conservatives" or "Liberals" but exactly like "Tories" and "Grits"). My own suggestion is safe because they'd become the PPP. But if the party chooses something new, pompous, ponderous and long, which they easily might, they'll get stuck by us media types with a short nickname in short order and who knows, it might be an unkind one. If only there was something suitable besides "New" that started with an "N" so they could stay with NDP.

UncategorizedJohn Robson