Would this qualify?

Well, the NDP got that one right. The pile of press releases on my "desk" (actually my e-mail inbox) includes one from our socialist party on Friday that blares "NEEDED: AN ALTERNATIVE TO HARPERS’ CONSERVATIVE IDEOLOGY". I agree. For instance an actual conservative ideology. Instead, today's Globe and Mail informs me that "Finance Minister Jim Flaherty warned yesterday that Ottawa's budget deficit this year will be 'substantially more' than projected only four months ago... He declined to reveal exactly how much the deficit has grown, though, saying he will hold off until June when he updates Parliament on progress in doling out federal economic stimulus spending. Ottawa's parliamentary budget watchdog, Kevin Page, estimated yesterday the 2009-10 deficit could hit 'in the neighbourhood' of $40-billion - up more than $6-billion from Mr. Flaherty's January forecast of $33.7-billion. A $40-billion deficit would be record territory for Ottawa and an uncomfortable achievement for the Harper government, which came into office eager to trim public spending."

Well, I should hope it would be uncomfortable for them to out-deficit the dreaded Brian Mulroney. But then again, maybe that's because I'm a conservative ideologue. The real kind.