Can you kick in?

MamaKata2 Hi folks,

With 10 days to go, Brigitte and I are asking for your help to get her "Not Just for Kicks" project across the finish line. I know a lot of you have supported our bigger projects, for which we're very grateful. And we'll have another one in the spring that I hope you'll think is worthwhile. And a number of you are supporting us with monthly donations that are also much appreciated.

So now I'm asking people who enjoy our work but haven't yet backed it to put something into Brigitte's project. She's over 2/3 of the way to her $1,500 target to help her make a book and video about her and our daughter's journey to the WKC world karate championships in Dublin, Ireland, about the hard work, the sense of achievement and the victories over fatigue and fear. But we still need $400.

Can 80 people kick in $5 each in the next week and a half and make it happen?