Half way!

Amazing! We just reached the half-way point on our Kickstarter funding campaign for The Environment: A True Story. Thanks so much to everyone who backed it. Now let's push on to 2/3, 3/4 and full funding because we're not out of the woods yet (or into them, depending where we film) and with Kickstarter, it's all or nothing. I'm convinced the time is right for this documentary showing how the alarmists' claims, and computer modeling, just aren't compatible with actual evidence. All that we know about the past history of the Earth, and the present, doesn't fit what they're telling us they know about the future.

So thanks to everyone who has already backed the project, and please continue helping us spread the word. If you're not yet a supporter, please make a pledge today and stand up against bad policy driven by bad science and shrill rhetoric, and in favour of civil discussion and common sense.

P.S. As I said from the outset, the $50,000 target is the minimum I need to make the film. Once we reach that number, and I'm confident we will, please continue sharing it until the April 16 deadline so we can afford the equipment, travel and graphics to make the best documentary possible.