Who will be next?

UPDATE: Thanks to Mike van Lammeren and Isabel Gibson who stepped up and put us past 60%. Now we need your help to get to the next milestone at 66%... then on to 75%, 90% and full funding. The deadline for making our target is April 16 and we can't do it without you. ---------------

The Environment: A True Story documentary project is this close to being 60% funded. Who wants to make the next pledge and get us past that mark?

It won't get us into the homestretch. There's still a ways to go, and just over 17 days in which to cover it. But if you want common sense and sound science on the issue of "man-made" climate change, won't you be the next contributor and push us past 60%?

P.S. If you've already backed the project, thank you again, and please share it as widely as possible.