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See you at the Gala?

If you're in the Ottawa area and think true gender equality means compassion and services for men and boys as well as women and girls, please attend the Canadian Centre for Men and Families - Ottawa gala luncheon two weeks this Sunday, on September 16 from 1-4. Tickets are available here: and if you think it's worthwhile please help share it on social media and with friends and family.

Thanks, and I hope to see you there.

Helping men and families in Ottawa

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families - Ottawa Gala Luncheon is now set for Sept. 16 at 1 p.m. with a great lineup of speakers and an auction.

The CCMF-O, a hub for the health and well-being of boys, men, fathers and families, needs your contribution to continue providing services, including referral, to men and boys in difficulty or in crisis in Ottawa.

I hope to see you there: tickets are available here.

Canadian Centre for Men and Families Ottawa - Grand Opening

A great turnout for the grand opening of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families - Ottawa on Saturday. And a very nice piece in the Ottawa Citizen.

So thanks to everyone who came to the event, and to everyone who helped make it possible from donors to volunteers to staff. And if you know anyone in the Ottawa area who needs the services the CCMF-O is putting in place, from crisis counselling to support groups to legal issues to advice on fathering after divorce (or just in general) please refer them to the centre.