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Why terrorists attack pop concerts

In my latest National Post column I say the bombing of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester should remind everyone, including progressives, that Islamist fanatics do not hate our open society for being repressive or for defending itself. They hate it because it is tolerant. They hate our permissiveness. They hate us for who we are not what we do. And there is nothing we can do to appease them that would not be a fundamental betrayal of ourselves and our ideals.

The Great War Remembered - and printed

With the 100th anniversary of Canada's great victory at Vimy Ridge fast approaching, I'm delighted to announce that the book version of my documentary The Great War Remembered is now available for purchase.

The First World War was the defining event of the 20th century, shaping the modern world in ways we still feel very strongly today. Modern technology and logistics created unprecedented slaughter, and partly as a result the long, bitter, bloody conflict undermined faith in Western civilization. But it was a necessary war and the Allies did win it, with pivotal contributions from Canada, which "found itself" in the war and especially at Vimy, not just as a nation, but as a free nation determined to defend liberty under law.

It is appropriate that we remember the costs of the war and lament the loss and the missed opportunities. But we should also remember, and celebrate, the determined spirit that stood up to aggression on behalf of a way of life well worth defending even at this terrible cost.

Order your copy today and take a timely, fresh look at an often misunderstood conflict central to the modern world.

p.s. American and international shoppers should purchase directly through Amazon.

p.p.s. We also have the Kindle version available, here.

Can you spot the difference?

Two headlines side-by-side in my “NBC News Top Stories” feed yesterday: “Muslim Mob Attacks Christians, Parades Naked Elderly Woman

Transgender Pageant Unites Christians, Muslims, Jews

One is in Israel. One is not. So where is the BDS movement on trendy campuses with respect to Egypt which, the first story gets around to mentioning casually at about paragraph 13, “Christian men cannot marry Muslim women in Egypt unless they convert to Islam first, but Muslim men can marry Christian women.”

Suppose Israel had a law where Christians couldn’t marry Jews without converting, or Muslims couldn’t? There’s be an outcry. But when it’s in a Muslim-majority Arab nation, the reaction is yeah yeah now back to how Israel oppresses whoever.

Now to be fair the activists do see a difference. They just see it backwards.

And then Netanyahu won

Well this is odd. I was reading all these stories about "Israel Elections: Meet Isaac Herzog, Who Could Defeat Netanyahu" and "Israeli Elections: How the Left Could Win". And then this morning I read "Israel election: Netanyahu's Likud storms to victory". Say, could the legacy media have been reporting their desires as the news before it even happened? Arguably so, given that Britain's Guardian headlined a story about the actual outcome "Israel election: Bibi the magician pulls off a victory – but at what cost?" All the opinion that's fit to print, I guess.


I notice that the top headline in today's Globe and Mail was "With Netanyahu, Herzog tied, the coalition building begins". In fact Likud won 30 seats, the Zionist Union 24. Some tie. The story has of course now been updated to explain that "Scrapping like a street fighter, the veteran Mr. Netanyahu used every trick in the book to overcome a four-seat deficit in public opinion surveys published just last Friday. His gentlemanly opponent, Mr. Herzog, waging his first campaign as party leader, didn’t stand a chance."

Thanks for clarifying that last point. From what you said earlier I... oh, never mind.