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Wish I'd said that - June 27, 2019

“When the affairs of a country are in a bad way it is useful to remember Oliver Cromwell’s advice to look back to the time when things went well and to try to see what subsequently went wrong. Complete success in such a task is rarely possible, but partial success would clearly repay the effort involved if it helped to unravel something of the tangled story of the rise and decline of great nations.”

Start of Introduction in F.R. Cowell Cicero and the Roman Republic

Wish I'd said that - June 15, 2019

“And if any other document is henceforth produced which was made heretofore and which in any kind of way seems to gainsay what is here established, that document shall be cast to mice to gnaw or into the fire to be burned, and he who produces it, whatever his rank, shall be regarded as the sweepings of ashes and confounded with the most ignominious shame and with one accord shunned by all the men who are nearby.”

King Canute, to the monks of Canterbury as part of “The Endowment of a Monastery, 1023” in William L. Sachse English History in the Making